prayer for couples to be more united

Dear Lord,

We come before you as a couple, acknowledging the blessing of our union and the journey we walk together. We recognize the importance of unity in our relationship and the strength it provides in facing life’s challenges.

Father, we ask for your guidance and wisdom as we seek to deepen our connection and strengthen our bond. Help us to cultivate patience, understanding, and empathy towards one another. May we always strive to see the best in each other and to support one another in times of need.

Grant us the grace to communicate openly and honestly, to share our thoughts and feelings with vulnerability and respect. Help us to listen attentively to each other’s concerns and aspirations, and to respond with love and compassion.

Lord, we pray for forgiveness and reconciliation in moments of discord or misunderstanding. Teach us to extend grace and mercy to one another, just as you have shown us mercy and forgiveness.

Fill our hearts with gratitude for the gift of companionship and the love we share. Help us to cherish each other deeply and to prioritize our relationship above all else.

May our love be a reflection of your unconditional love for us, Lord. May it inspire others to seek unity and harmony in their relationships, and may it bring glory to your name.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


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